Suspended rear-ventilated rainscreen facades are fundamentally suitable for all heights of building, uses and all  thicknesses of insulation required. The functions of weather-protection and thermal insulation are separated from one another in suspended, rear-ventilated rainscreen facades. Their structural components are the sub-structures, usually made of aluminium, the insulation, the rear-ventilation space and the cladding facade.

In BWM you have found a competent partner for sub-structure systems. A sub-structure consists of wall brackets and carrier profiles. In addition – depending on the  type of fixing required for the façade cladding – vertical- or horizontal profile carrier rails can be used. The formation of fixed and sliding points are significant functional characteristics of the sub-structure. The three-dimensional adjustments of the façade sub-structure support system makes reliable compensation of unevenesses, dimensional tolerances, as well as thermal and hygroscopic loads possible.

The cladding façade is secured to the sub-structure, which is anchored to the statically supportive outer wall. During this process we distinguish between visible and  invisible fixing.