In 1978 Klaus Reinwarth founded BWM Dübel und Montagetechnik GmbH. To-day BWM is the market leader in Germany for sub-structures for rainscreen-ventilated façades (vhF) and a leader internationally.

The medium-sized company, strong in developments with over 80 patents and over 400 products stands for innovation and high technical standards in façade sub-structure systems. Founding the BWM subsidiary company, BWM Produktion GmbH, in Gorleben in 2008 made even more flexible reaction to customer requirements with regard to the pre-production and assembly of structural component systems possible.

Company Guiding Principles:

Consider, plan ahead: this is the BWM company philosophy. To make planners ideas technically possible with innovative, structural solutions in façade construction, to work out solutions to problems before the market has asked for them. These are the successful guiding principles at BWM. In this way BWM became the market leader in Germany for sub-structure systems for rainscreen ventilated façades and a leader internationally.

BWM Firmenbroschüre